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About Us

Lumulu is a personalized image and style consultancy who are passionate about helping people feel good about themselves.

We know that many people feel unhappy with some part of their body at some point of time and this impairs their ability to enjoy and get the most out of life. Our services are designed to help you change this and in turn help change your life.

With the growth of online fashion companies, and the vast range of fashion styles to choose from either on or off line we help you know what will suit you before you buy so that you can buy with confidence and minimize the mistakes in your wardrobe. We will also provide you with a list of online fashion sites that will carry outfits that are likely to suite your own personal style.

We do not work across just the usual range of seasonal colours, body shapes, or fashion styles. Our colour analysis is far deeper than you will find anywhere else; it is not always possible to pigeon hole our body shape – we are all individuals. We work with many different style categories including the alternatives Skater, Goth, Urban Hip Hop, Vintage and so on.

about We also understand how important self confidence and self esteem is for each of us to enjoy and make the most of our life. Our services provide insights into your personality which will prove highly beneficial for all the aspiring individuals who want to shape their personality to help fulfill their life’s goals.

If you, like Lumulu, are interested in the environment and wanting to reduce your carbon footprint through using eco fashions and environmentally friendly manufactured garments, the team at Lumulu will be especially pleased to provide information and suggestions in this very important area.

We currently offer three products on line. You will find them to be non-intimidating, easy to understand, interactive and an interesting way to find out the styles and fashions that will make you look lovely.

The investment in one or more of our products is minimal to what it will save you over time with the money you spend on clothes that do not do the best for you. We aim at all times to let your style shine through.

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